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By F3RR3IRA SR on May 11, 2018 at 3:19 PM
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    Bolt Beat

    Interview w/ XCFL Chargers Owner/GM

    Al Ferreira Sr.

    Hello XCFL,

    Welcome to the “Bolt Beat” hot seat. Today we have XCFL Chargers Team owner Al Ferreira here with us on the Hot Seat. So let’s get right to it Mr Ferreira.

    BB: Hello sir. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to join us here today. I know its a busy time for you and your team. So first question, and I think EVERYONE wants to know…. Are you coming back next season..

    SR: Yes, thank you for having today. Yes, its is a busy time for us. As we all know we aren’t in the playoffs, so we need to prepare for the future. And that starts NOW! As far as me returning, that's NO question…. Of course I’ll be back next season!

    BB: Oh! Ok! I guess I should have worded that differently.

    SR: Well….What do you mean?

    BB: OK! Well you had a tweet a few weeks ago that stated the following… Can you answer that?


    SR: Oh yeah that tweet. Yeah ...ahhh at the time YES I was frustrated and was ready to walk away, but I know my history here with the XCFL and the owners. I owe it to them to be here. They have ALWAYS given me a home here. I’m starting to think its because they feel they can beat my teams at any time, so it's like an easy win...LOL no no jk jk. I have thought about retiring after the M18 cycle and walk away from CFM’s for ever. I had made a recent business decision that will take a lot of my time, so I thought. Plus with my health I wanted to really take a break. HaHa, well that lasted a few days & I got board.

    BB: So are you ….or…. Are you not coming back to the XCFL?

    SR: Let’s say I’m here now and for as long as I can be here I will. Like I said XCFL has been good to me over the years & so have the XCFL owner & members. I feel like the BIG Brother… so to speak LOL. I have my go to guys around the league. I have made some good partnerships and some not so good ones LOL. “I’m looking for XCFL Jets ownership next cycle @staff!”

    BB: We can quote you on that last statement? Ok! That's exciting to hear! That you’ll be staying!.... Ok ok we got that elephant out of the room. On to the next BIG question Bolt fans what to know. What about Watson?

    SR: Watson… Watson….. Watson. Well I’m no Sherlock, but I’m not sure he wants to be here anymore. Look I was the 1st one to have his back when he was struggling & my coaching staff wanted to sit him because of his actions on the field and around the clubhouse. I sat with him. We talked. We agreed to move on. However he didn’t stop. So I had no choice but to make the decision to allow my coaching staff to handle the teams players as they saw fit to do. With or without Watson behind center.

    BB: What exactly was his issue? I mean what was it that cause you to change your mind on him.

    SR: Well, for starters he felt he was above his team and his teammates. Let me tell you now, nobody is greater than this team or anybody else! IDC if your the god damn all star or not. On my team(s) we are all as equal as the man or women standing next to you! Over the years here in the XCFL I have had players like that on ALL my teams. Watson however was a bit too much. So much so that I had to step in. Never have I ever had to do that with a player. AND BELIEVE YOU ME….This guy!.... He ain't afraid to step in or up to any player who thinks they are better than myself or anyone else! Enough!

    BB: WOW that was intense. I felt the passion just sitting across from you. I feel like I can get up and go play right now! I’M FIRED UP! So this is why you have a reputation around the league with Owners and players alike that respect you. I mean everyone I ask says pretty much the same thing about you. Dedicated to this league & his team, his staff. Your a guy “Team Player” type of guy...am I correct?

    SR: Yes Sir I am. I was raised that way. To be respectful, but know when to assert yourself and show that you mean business. I come from nothing & everything I have today I did it for myself, by myself. I mean yes I have had some help here & there, but I earned that by working harder than the next guy to get ahead. Now if only I can get that same passion on the gridiron! I might have a playoff appearance or more than 2 winning season in the many that I have coached/owned around here in the XCFL. Now with that said I would not change the experience, partnerships & friendships I have made while here in the BEST DAMN MADDEN LEAGUE AROUND the XCFL!!!

    BB: Well said, VERY well said Sir. I hope some guys read this and understand the passion you have behind the scenes to get the job done everyday! So with all of that said, I have to ask you about just that…. The fact you’ve been here sooo long, but not successful in the winning department?

    SR: Great question. Not the first time I have been asked that either. I mean well I can only do so much. When I coached it was just too stressful for me. Now I'm in the box and the front office it's a bit easier. I’ve tried it all. Everything short of suiting up at halftime and going out there to show these punk a** kids how to play football! LOL. I understand the game well. I just can’t teach it. If that makes any sense.

    BB: Well I guess you knew this was coming…..

    SR: whats that?

    BB: Your XCFL history…& record!

    SR oh s**t! {shakes head}

    BB Sorry Senior, but I got a job to do! I know that’s a quote right from your book.

    SR: LOL yes it would be….Ahhhhh f**k it let it rip!

    BB: ok so your XCFL career began late into the M16 cycle correct.

    SR: WOW we going waaaay back huh…. Yes it did. I was on the media team! The good ol’ days!

    BB: If I remember correctly you did the highlights for the Super Bowl II


    SR: Yes! Wow that was one great game! I remember that one! Jack vs Brent! Epic game. This game put Brent on the map in the XCFL! Sorry Jack I no love loss man! You one of my favs still to this day! I actually tried back then to get Jack to recruit my kid (F3RR3IRA JR) to VT LOL. Sent him my kids highlight video and all.

    BB: Man that was a cool story Sr! You have roots here in the XCFL. So after that tell us how your coaching journey began here.

    SR: Well at the time I signed up. There was only 1 team available. DA Bears. Later found out I could of had my Jets...lol Oh well I was excited to be here and get going. I knew this was the league for me. When I read the rules I was damn I could have written these! Just one quick <SHOUT OUT> to Dan the Man aka BOBBYHILL as you may have known him he was most recently our Jags owner, but he was my recruiter from a groupme chat. It was him & Jim who snatched me up! And well the rest is history & now we are talking about it LOL.

    BB Good stuff man. So how did you do in your first season here. Whom else did you control?

    SR: Thank you! Well funny you should ask, because my 1st year in the league was my best year to date. I had 9 wins! Yeap only 9. That's my best yet. Yet technically when I returned to the XCFL this last time i was 9-7 (8-5) because we took the team over at 1-3, so 1 win was not ours. So yeah I haven’t the best record of winning here.

    BB: so we had to dig deep here for this one. Because as we know, but our readers might not know is that you have been in and out of the XCFL over the years. We managed to scrape together your record.


    Totals: 26-66 (totals CHI, KC)


    Totals: 14-54 (totals HOU, KC)

    Madden 17 Totals: 40-120

    XCFL PACKERS MADDEN 18 13-19 (first 2 season in M18 cycle)

    XCFL CHARGERS MADDEN 18 13-32 (current season/cycle)


    So over all give or take up to this season/cycle you are 66-171 just .278 winning pct. That is by far any good. Why do you stick around?

    SR: Well thanks for putting me on blast buddy….geeez Yes most of that is correct is correct. Yeah I was in and out for many reasons. Some I’m not proud of, but we live and learn from our mistakes. Also we all hit that Madden CFM wall at times & I hit it a few times. LOL I mean with a losing record like mine the wall becomes a friend… LOL Why do I stick around….hehe to keep staff on their toes & harass them, but also help them keep order and answer questions from members.

    BB: Man...I respect your longevity & time you’ve put into the league & your team(s). Your one of a kind Mr. Al Ferreira Sr.! For a guy who barely wins, he sure puts in the work like he has a record of 171-66… So with that said & on to a more happier note….LOL your time here has shown in your work! What I mean by that is the notable members list! Despite not have the XCFL HOF under your belt, but I know is come soon! You were one of the fast members in XCFL history to shoot up the ranks as fast as you did. Not to mention your role on staff just 2 short months in the league. Let's take a look at this body of work….


    That's the best shot we could get? We need new producers LOL jk jk. So let's look at this. Your 6th on the list at the moment. At one point you were 3rd on the list. Let’s not forget your time away & your still this high up the list! Now that’s impressive in my book. 347 messages (not including your work on youtube) Over 200+ likes 43 Trophy points & a reputation like no other 6321 pts.! WOW

    SR: Well damn thank you very much. Yes I take pride in my work here. And to touch back on your point earlier. This is why I stay or come back. I love the media side of it. Showing the community what XCFL has to offer! I can remember another XCFL Owner. Someone on my like list. Coach Doss! When he hit the scene. Shit I got to watch first hand how I did it here, What I mean was he shot up the ranks real quick like 0-60 real fuckin quick LOL I was worried to be honest that my run would get smoked by Doss, but we battled it out story for story, but He is better than I my friends. Until he came along. I feel now looking back on it I was the guy who transcended the content for the XCFL to what you see today. I mean article wise! Then once another liked Owner showed up! A guy whom I talked too for hours on the back channels. Your now Co-Commish Nick Larson! This guy changed the graphic world & Podcast world for the XCFL! I know I may have missed a few guys & I’m sorry, but these guys here will ALWAYS stand out to me for there hard work & dedication to0 this league!

    BB: Well said sir. It's been an honor & my great pleasure to sit here with you and shoot the shit about your Legendary career here & I know the next time we meet to talk it will be an interview about your induction the XCFL HOF sir! Is there anything else you would like to say here today? The floor is yours for a final thought….

    SR: Well first I want to say Thank you to you & to the XCFL! For allowing me to be apart of this great league. Also a special shout out to the Commish & Co-Commish Jim & Nick who keep the lights on here for us day in and day out. You better respect them or I’ll come find you. And I’m really good at finding people! To my family & friends who put up with my madden drama day in and day out it has become apart of their lives and mine. Last but not least to you guys the OG’s the guys grinding & the new blood hang in there do what's asked & step up to the plate it goes a long way… TRUST ME! TY again XCFL for another season/year with this group of gentleman!

    BB: Again well said. Well you heard it hear folks, Hey wait a minute here Mr. Ferreira 2 quick thing before we let you off the hook…. I won;t dare ask about Jr. but what is going on with the #1 overall pick? Trading or not?

    SR: HaHa yeah I’ll answer about my son. He is a grown ass man and makes his own decisions he’ll live with that like we all do. As far as the #1……{smirk} well you’ll just have to wait like the rest of the league will HaHaHa.

    BB: That’s all we got today. Stay tuned for more XCFL Chargers news coming soon!


Discussion in 'Team News' started by F3RR3IRA SR, May 11, 2018.

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