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Will the Real Jared Goff Please Stand Up?

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Justin Holland, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Justin Holland

    Legend Donor Director of Officiating

    Sep 15, 2017
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    Jared Goff. Just the name itself invites various reactions from Rams fans everywhere. One of the most polarizing players in recent memory has fans on both sides spitting their respective venom. One faction says that Goff is the QB of the future, capable of carrying the Rams to a Super Bowl title. The other is clamoring for Jimmy Garropolo to take the reigns as the QB of the future. But which side is correct?

    On one hand, Goff has been phenomenal at times this season. He’s currently 7th in the league in passing yards, near the top of the list in completion percentage, and middle of the pack when it comes to touchdowns. He has engineered some of the fastest scoring drives in recent memory, taking his team down the field in literally seconds. His red zone percentage is up, and his overall confidence is sky high (most of the time). It’s easy to see how some think that Goff can actually lead this offense to the promised land, but what the naysayers?

    That group is probably just as correct in their assessment of Goff, but boy are they louder. This is the group that says 12 sacks and 10 interceptions 6 games into the year is frankly unacceptable. Jimmy Garropolo was recently inked to a long term deal, but has only had one start, albeit a loss, against the Jacksonville Jags. This same group wants to see if Jimmy G can light a fire in the offense, something that Goff hasn’t clearly struggled with over the course of a few seasons.

    So which fan base is correct? Time till tell what Coach Holland decides to do, as he tries to guide his 3-3 Rams into the postseason for the first time. Underachieving has, unfortunately, been the status quo for this bunch, but with the seat getting hotter in LA, it might be time for a switch at QB.

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