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By Jmo31 on Apr 26, 2018 at 9:18 AM
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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Hello XCFL fans!

    Today we are highlighting week 11 game of the week, this week it is the San Francisco 49ers travelling to Seattle to play the Seahawks in the tightest division race in the XCFL. This is a rough draft and a quick one while at work, any pointers mail them in to the editor!

    As of this posting the 49ers sit at 6-3 at the top of the division with the Seahawks at 5-4 and currently outside looking in on the top 6 of the NFC to advance to the playoffs.The 49ers recently put a beating on Seattle 48-21 but coaching staff has since changed. Despite that - the players won't forget and we expect this one to be HOT. If Seattle loses this game they will likely be out of the divisional race and battling for a wildcard spot in a division where all teams are +.500 which is not ideal.

    Both of these teams can tote the rock as the 49ers are second in the XCFL in RYPG but Seattle is sitting right behind them at 3rd with 139 YPG and 113 YPG respectively. That is a large gap but these teams make plays on the ground and we are sure that is going to stand true in this matchup. The 49er rushing attack is led by rookie Danny Slay who as of week 10 has 181 carrier for 1038 yards and 12 touchdowns for 5.7 YPC, thats in 9 games folks. He has been a monster on the ground and a key piece to "the other Larson"'s success. Seattle is 21st in defensive rushing, so not a strong point of theirs although they did hold Slay to 91 yards in their last game, not that it helped any.....

    Seattle is led by Dyron Anunoby on the ground. This guy can ball, he has continually been hit with the injury bug, but when he plays he plays. Hes a 4 year pro coming over from Philly who's best known for their penchant to develop talent and deal it away to greener pastures. Anunoby though has already missed time this year, just like every year, but still has 113 carries for for 819 yards and 10 Tds - 7.2 YPC. This guy is a threat to take it to the house... at all times and we bet he will do just that.

    This game is not all about ground offense, quarterback play in the XCFL no matter what team or style you are is important. This is where the 49ers really separate. Led by Allen Navarre and his 71% completion percentage, 1796 yards and 11-6 TD to int this is the key to the game. His #1 target? Desi Richard - a blazing fast 5'11 juking machine. He has 31 catches 678 yards and 5 Tds almost doubling production of #2 WR Zay Jones. STOP THIS MAN.

    Seattle is most likely trotting out Russel Wilson - the name sounds fiece but his play has not been. Since taking over for injured starter he has 55% 1TD and 6INTs. He is hemorrhaging points away from a team that just can't allow that in these important games. This is likely the key component, if he can channel his young Russ maybe they have a chance to pull this game off.....



    49ers win 42-17​
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Discussion in 'Rankings, Predictions and More' started by Jmo31, Apr 26, 2018.

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