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By steelerguy26 on May 14, 2018 at 1:22 PM
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    Apr 26, 2016
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    Pittsburgh Blitz – Head coach pat Narduzzi won the Super Bowl his first season in Pittsburgh. But since his teams have steadily declined and the Steelers find themselves sitting at the bottom of the standings at 4-12 this season.

    The Steelers cleaned house last year replacing their entire offensive and defensive coaching staff and by hiring Jim McMillen as their general manager but the team just got worse for the team as neither side of the ball seemed to do anything right all season.

    McMillen’s first FA signing was Derek Carr who was brought in to replace Ben Roethlisberger but rumor has it he got on coach Narduzzi’s bad side early on during preseason and the coach spent the season trying to replace him with rookie Mason Rudolph and second year QB Steve Dickerson but both QB’s showed they were not ready to start in the NFL and the gamble ultimately cost Narduzzi his job.

    The Steelers interviewed several coaching candidates as they spoke to Jeff Fisher, Pat Shumur, Russ Grimm and at least two other candidates as well which included Stanford head coach David Shaw. Grimm once served as the Steelers OL coach under Bill Cowher and is thought to have the inside track on the job but that will remain to be seen.

    When asked about the search for a new coach the Steelers GM Jim McMillen had this to say. “We are looking for a leader of men. A candidate who can mold a championship team from our roster and bring the Steelers another division title in the process. We have several possible candidates but, in the end, we will choose the coach who we think gives this team the best chance to win another Lombardi.”

    The Steelers expect to name their head coach before the XCFL draft so he can take part in the festivities but the final call on who the team selects during the process with fall to the discretion of the GM.
"The XCFL is an August to August Madden NFL League"
I am the founder of the XFA and XCFL and an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My blood bleeds the Black & Gold. I enjoy playing Madden on the Xbox, watching football and spending time with my family.

I have two wonderful kids, Zachary and Zoe and a loving wife who hates Madden but lets me play anyway. I design websites and do social media marketing for a living.

I have been running Madden leagues and playing in them since 2004. The same year the XFA was born. The XFA started as a PlayStation league, then moved to the PC, then Xbox 360 and now we are on Xbox One.

Twitter : @XCFLNetwork | Email : commish@xcflnetwork.com


Discussion in 'Team News' started by steelerguy26, May 14, 2018.

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