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The Draft Expert: A Look Back at GM Jack Tyler's XCFL First Round Draft Classes

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Jack Tyler, May 16, 2018.

  1. Jack Tyler

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    Jan 22, 2017
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    As the 2023 XCFL Draft dust settles, I'm going to take a look back at some of Washington Redskins GM Jack Tyler's most recent first round draft classes. It's not breaking news the the Redskins have been highly competitive in the draft room as well as on the field. We'll start by studying the notable players Washington drafted in the first round since the inaugural 2019 draft of this Madden cycle.

    2018 Draft

    The 2019 draft stands as a turning point in Redskins history. With Tyler back in charge of football operations after the firing of Bruce Allen and Zabadee Kennard beginning his tenure as coach, the Skins made a series of franchise-altering decisions to move up in the draft order and select cornerback Tomas Holland with the No. 11 overall selection.


    Tomas Holland at the time was a bright-eyed 21 year-old with superstar potential. And boy did he not disappoint. After just one season, Holland had climbed the ladder of top corner rankings in the XCFL. Shutting down top wideout targets on each and every team, Holland racked up five interceptions through four games a season ago before tearing his mcl and being shut down for the remainder of the regular season. He returned to get two more interceptions during the historic playoff run.

    Grade: A+

    Tyler wheeled and dealed before the 2019 XCFL Draft to land Holland. Holland was a no-brainer. The under-appreciated pick of this draft was Tyler's second of two 1st Round picks. At pick 23, a 23 year old monster out of Georgia Tech, who was high on the Redskins board, fell into the laps of Washington's front office.


    Taylor Powell dominated right away. He bolstered a Redskins defensive line unit that hard trouble getting to the QB. Powell finished his rookie season with 12 sacks and a pro-bowl nod. Powell ended up donning the maroon and gold for 2 pro-bowl seasons before getting traded to the Falcons in exchange for someone further down this list.

    Grade: A

    2019 Draft

    After an 11 win season in 2019, the Redskins seemed like a team that would be challenging for XCFL prominence for years to come. It would start with another extraordinary draft by the Redskins front office. The skins traded Taylor Powell and Pat Friesz for two additional first round picks. Tyler and Co had three 1st round picks to bolster an already impressive team.

    In the off-season the Skins signed All-Pro wideout Josh Doctson to a HUGE bank-breaking deal. They knew they would need to draft a wideout to catch passes as Doctson acquired double teams. With everyone crossing their fingers for Dixon Bishop, another tall, speedy guy feel right to Tyler and the Redskins at the 9th pick overall.


    Heard of him? Of course you have. Barry Hodges has become a perennial All-Pro reciever. In his first 3 seasons, Hodges has had three 1,000 yard receiving seasons and caught at least 12 TDs in each. He came in to play second fiddle to Doctson but now plays second fiddle to no-one in the entire XCFL.

    Grade: A+

    With the second of three 1st round picks, the Redskins wanted to bolster a secondary that had been struggling for years prior. A little-known safety out of Washington State was the surprise of the draft when his name was called at pick 25. Draft pundits went into a stir having to make Cesar Clayborn graphics on the spot for their live draft coverage. Who is this guy? The Redskins knew they just stole the best player in the draft.


    Clayborn matched all the hype and made the pro-bowl his first season. After a devastating leg injury kept him out of most of his sophomore campaign, Clayborn responded last season with 9 interceptions, 3 defensive touchdowns, and the "hit heard round the world" that knocked the ball loose on a Gordon Todd post pattern to end the Lions Super Bowl dreams and get the Redskins back into the Super Bowl.

    Grade: A+

    Wait! There's More! Tyler and Co. still had one more first round pick to try to strike gold. Having improved in the skill positions with their first two picks, the Redskins wanted to draft a guy that would be their superstar left tackle for seasons to come. Insert Armond Hayden.


    Hayden was the underappreciated pick of this draft, but he also has not dissapointed. From day 1, Hayden has been responsible for protecting Blair Triplett's blind side. Not an easy task for anyone. Hayden has made two straight pro-bowls and is now widely considered one of the top tackles in the sport.

    Grade: A

    2020 Draft

    Another year, another draft where the Redskins front office traded to acquire additional first round picks. This time, they flipped a few old players and somehow traded all the way up to the 5th pick in the draft. Redskins brass new they needed to fill a void in the secondary. Holland was shutting down half the field, but there was nobody on the other side that could hold up their end of the bargain. After a corner went #1, I know Tyler started to sweat.


    Of course a 6'4 speedster fell to #5, so Tyler had to scoop him up. Desmond Colman had some baggage but the tangibles were off the chart. Colman has come into his own in his first two seasons. Playing mostly outisde, Colman hasn't gotten a ton of action but lead the Redskins in pass deflections a season ago. The Texas A&M cornerback also sealed the Super Bowl with his last minute interception.

    Grade: B+

    Death, Taxes and the Redskins having multiple first round picks allowed the Redskins front office one more shot at getting a guy that could put them over the top. All the guys on the Redskins board were getting selected left and right before a little-known corner, who most had slotted way down their boards, was picked up by Washington.


    Taylor Nunley was no question the steal of the draft. Coming in day 1 with top 5 corner coverage ability, Nunley has been a force in the backend for the Skins. The final piece to the "Legion of Zoom", Nunley fit in right away as the slot corner and impressed his way to a rookie season All-Pro year. In his second season, Nunley racked up 5 picks despite also being injured for 5 games.

    Grade: A

    2021 Draft

    The Redskins actually only had one pick in this draft's first round. SHOCKING! Redskins brass didn't disappoint with who they selected either. Already bolstering the XCFL's top defensive-back unit, the Redskins went with the BPA approach and selected a corner out of SC State. It came out later the Tyler was nervous about Desmond Colman's longevity and wanted some insurance.


    Tuten has all but taken the XCFL by storm in his one season as a pro. Tuten tallied 6 interceptions, and 3 defensive scores as a rookie. Tuten also started the comeback with his pick 6 in the XCFL Super Bowl. The Redskins may not have needed him, but boy are they sure happy they got him.

    Grade: A-

    Its safe to say the Redskins success started on draft day many moons ago. As the dust settles from last night's XCFL Draft, it will be interesting to see where all the chips fall. Its certainly a safe bet to assume Jack Tyler and the Redskins will do just fine.

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  2. NLars3

    NLars3 Moderator
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    Jan 5, 2017
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    Awesome write up!! But 2 things...
    - my drafts are better
    - Barry Hodges not only plays 2nd fiddle, but 3rd fiddle to Gordon Todd and Dixon Bishop
  3. Jmo31

    Jmo31 Donor
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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Love the historical stuff. Skins draftin like a BOSS.

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