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The Big Blue Apple - End of Season '21

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Zethious, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Zethious

    Zethious Starter

    Dec 20, 2017
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    The Giants team, administration, and fans weren't sure what to expect this year, as the "rebuild" began. This wasn't any out of the ordinary "rebuild" however as expectations were low, but excitement was up. Shortly after the draft completed, there was multiple rookies which players and fans were excited to watch for. Well, lets see the early results (rookie season) went for these players.

    RD 1 Pick 18 - Denard Waller (WR)

    This rookie WR is an absolute burner, while he's only 5'8" he managed to go up and grab some nice balls from Aaron Rodgers. Jalena Dankins (HC) slipped him into the slot position as he gets a feel for the offense. While his release isn't great, Dankins felt giving him a little breathing space, not having to worry about getting jammed on the line would allow for his speed to shine. He wasn't wrong, however Waller ended up getting hurt and missed six games this season. With this unfortunate injury he had to watch his shot at being OROY slip away. Denard Waller ended his rookie season with the following:

    24 Receptions
    558 Yards
    6 TDs

    In week 5 during a nail biter OT win against the Oakland Raiders, Waller caught 6 passes for 168 yards and 2 touchdowns. Bringing in the game winning walk off 51 yard TD reception while breaking three tackles seen here:

    RD 1 Pick 26 - Leilon Griffin (OL)

    While he watched the entire rest of the line fluctuate week in and week out with injuries, Leilon Griffin escaped the entire season fully healthy. He began the season as the Giants starting RG, Jalena quickly moved him over to RT, after Evan Boehm went down at LT, Griffin had to step up and slide over to LT. With his quick progression and outstanding learning ability Griffin shined. While playing all 16 games 739 snaps, he gave up 9 sacks. There is only two rookie lineman which started more snaps than Leilon. Additionally, keep in mind he's protecting a 37 year old Aaron Rodgers which doesn't like to stay in the pocket. Keep up the good work young man, you've got a long successful career ahead of you.

    RD 2 Pick 6 - Demond Kirkendoll (RB)

    Paul Perkins began the year as the starting RB. However, Jalena Dankins is no tide pod eating spring chicken, he knows Perkins is injury prone, and made it a point to find a respectable backup/replacement. Demond Kirkendoll was that guy. When given the opportunity Kirkendoll ran with it (no pun intended). Paul Perkins ended up missing 8 games this season with an injury, and Kirkendoll filled the role perfectly. He's not the fastest guy on the field, his elusiveness saves him from taking big hits. Playing in all 16 games this season, he was able to carry the ball 181 times for 506 yards and 5 TDs. Being that the Giants were down often, as the defense liked giving up points Kirkendoll played a vital role in the pass offense. He gathered 30 receptions for 402 yards and 5 more touchdowns. Do note, when Paul Perkins was healthy Kirkendoll had to share substantial time. Lets give you his total stats combined, because well, it's pretty good for an offense which last year had trouble moving the ball... ever.

    211 total touches
    908 total yards
    10 total touchdowns
    2 fumbles

    While individually these players may not be the best at their positions this year, the overall offense benefited from their presence. The Giants threw for 24 TDs, after last year only throwing 14, rushed for 1,006 yards, last year only running for 905. Lastly, with these successful rookies, the NYG managed to have a winning season of 9-7 after only winning 4 games just the previous year.

    The Giants are trending up, and looking forward to adding more talent via the draft and free agency in the near future, and hopefully turning some of those Jets fans into season ticket holders for their New York Giants.

    Catch you next time, please drink responsibly.
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  2. NLars3

    NLars3 Moderator
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    Jan 5, 2017
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    Great draft class. One more solid draft and you'll be good to go.

    The play against the Raiders in OT was filthy!

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