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State of the League Madden 18 & Beyond

Discussion in 'League News' started by steelerguy26, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Apr 26, 2016
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    State of the League Madden 18 & Beyond

    With Madden 18 just around the corner and the XCFL winding down the final season of Madden 17 we would like to take a few minutes to update everyone on some of the behind the scenes aspects of the league that include rule updates and the general direction the league is heading in.

    We have come a long way in a very short time and have amassed a great group of owners and the best staff I have ever been a part of. The XCFL has won the prestigious League Crawler ‘League of the Month’ award and will be getting promoted to ‘Elite League’ status on Daddy Leagues very soon. We have added Live Game Broadcasts and several quality podcast over the course of Madden 17 as well. Needless to say the XCFL is doing some great things.

    But the future still holds some great new things for us. We are working on an idea we call ‘XCFL Gauntlet’ that is something brand new to the world of Madden and something the league should enjoy very much. Unfortunately that is all I can say about it right now but trust me, it will be cool.

    Some other changes the league is making concerns our rules which have been updated and broken into individual sections on the website. There is a section with all the rules and separate areas for each category such as Transactions and Game Play rules. So be sure to head over to the forums and check out the changes and get up-to-speed on the changes (will be marked with red text).

    Before you do that though I wanted to highlight a few of the bigger changes to the rules such as the fact we are eliminating the Member Ranking system and replacing it with a much simpler system. Members will now be broke down by the rank of Rookie, Starter, Legend and Hall of Famer.

    You can learn more here.
    • Playbook Rules have also changed as we will now allow custom playbooks for all members above rookie rank.
    • Scheduling Rules the Home team is responsible for posting the game including date and time in the XCFL GroupMe Schedule chat. This should be posted within 24 hours of advance. Failure to do so will be a warning the first time and player suspension every time thereafter.
    • 4th Down Rules check the rules for updates and changes to the 4th down rules.
    • Free Agency Rules we have also updated our free agency guidelines so be sure to read up on what has changed.
    • Trading rookies and members on probation will have trades limited. Check the rules for details.
    Content requirements will be taken much more seriously for Madden 18 and beyond as we are a content based league and all members who join are expected to contribute both news articles and via Twitter. All members must post no less than 4 articles & 4 Tweets per season and…
    • Failure to Meet Content Requirements: Any member who fails to meet league content requirements during the season will be notified and put on probation for the following season. Members on probation will have all trade rights revoked during the probationary period. Failing to meet content requirements in the following season while under probation will result in the member being removed from the league.
    Another big change to our rules consists of Player Attribute updates and what can or cannot be updated and limits to updates. Read below for details.
    • Both Speed and acceleration are not to be upgraded past 94 points for any one player. Any member caught upgrading over 94 points for either Speed and/or acceleration will have the player given a PED suspension for one full season and lose any points added to the player with no compensation.
    Be sure to read over the rules completely before we jump into Madden 18 for all other updates and changes. Knowing the rules is the sole responsibility of every member. Not knowing them is not an acceptable excuse.


    In closing:

    Our goal in Madden 18 is to win the Daddy Leagues and League Crawler League of the Year awards and to become one of the top 5 Madden leagues around. It will take the efforts of every member to make that happen though.

    For the XCFL to grow as a league, every member needs to be 100% committed to helping make it happen. That includes posting content, utilizing Twitter, watching and commenting on our Live Game Broadcast and Podcast and staying active in chat.

    The XCFL is an August to August Madden experience. We are more than just another CFM and we have some very lofty goals and for those to happen it will require every members help.

    It’s not how you play the game but what you put into it that makes you a great owner. So get ready for another great installment of Madden NFL and the birth of greatness as the XCFL looks to take the CFM community by storm.

    As always any questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to any of the XCFL staff.

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    Read & Agree.
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