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Season 16 Content Suspensions

Discussion in 'Suspension Thread' started by steelerguy26, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. steelerguy26

    steelerguy26 The Commissioner
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    Apr 26, 2016
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    With Season 16 rapidly upon us the XCFL front office has decided to issue content related suspensions to several teams for not meeting our standards. We have made numerous post and warnings and announcements about members picking up their content and making sure they meet or exceed league expectations, both with Twitter and with writing team articles and many owners have decided to ignore those warnings.

    Many of the owners failing to meet league expectations are long time vets who should be leading by example, not just trying to skate by.with less than the minimum or on their time in the league. This is unacceptable. All members are to do content and try to produce decent content to the best of their abilities, not just two sentence articles as a way to do as little as possible and get by or waiting until the last minute to post a couple 2 sentence articles.

    The XCFL prides ourselves on being a content driven league and all our members knew what the expectations where when they read the rules and agreed to follow them upon joining, there is no excuse for not meeting or exceeding league minimums. So, with that said the following suspensions are being issued:

    Starting Regular Season Week 1:

    Final Warning Before Suspension

    - Colts
    - Cowboys

    1 Game Suspension

    - Panthers - Daniel West
    - Bears - Jordan Howard

    2 Game Suspension

    - Titans - Marcus Mariota
    - Redskins - Blair Triplett

    3 Game Suspension

    - Vikings - Dalvin Cook

    *Severity of these suspensions were based on the content or lack of content these members have produced over the last 3 seasons.

    *Players under suspension may not be utilized in any manner until their suspension has ended.


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