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Random Vegas Bets to open the season

Discussion in 'League News' started by Smooth Grizzly, May 16, 2018.

  1. Smooth Grizzly

    Legend Donor

    Oct 5, 2017
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    Well if you just got that tax return back and want to blow it on something, we got you covered at XCFL Vegas Insiders. Plus with the recent repeal of federal law, you can now ̶l̶o̶s̶e̶ make a lot of money at your local neighborhood bookie, legally!

    Season 16 Super Bowl Champion
    Washington Redskins 6/1
    Oakland Raiders 8/1
    Detroit Lions 10/1
    Dallas Cowboys 10/1
    Buffalo Bills 12/1
    Cleveland Browns 14/1
    New Orleans Saints 18/1
    Jacksonville Jaguars 20/1
    Houston Texans 20/1
    Baltimore Ravens 22/1
    San Francisco 49ers 22/1
    New York Jets 28/1
    Miami Dolphins 28/1
    New England Patriots 33/1
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33/1
    Arizona Cardinals 33/1
    Kansas City Chiefs 33/1
    Los Angeles Rams 33/1
    Denver Broncos 40/1
    Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
    Minnesota Vikings 50/1
    Seattle Seahawks 50/1
    Indianapolis Colts 50/1
    Chicago Bears 66/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 66/1
    Tennessee Titans 75/1
    Carolina Panthers 75/1
    New York Giants 100/1
    Philadelphia Eagles 100/1
    Atlanta Falcons 100/1
    Green Bay Packers 100/1
    Los Angeles Chargers 100/1

    We like throwing 50 down on the Skins, 25 or so on the Lions and 25 on the Raiders.

    Division Winners
    AFC East

    Buffalo Bills 7/4
    Miami Dolphins 7/4
    New York Jets 13/4
    New England Patriots 13/4

    Probably wouldn't touch this one unless you are sure about your team. This division is always crazy tight as of late.

    AFC West
    Oakland Raiders 1/3
    Kansas City Chiefs 4/1
    Denver Broncos 10/1
    Los Angeles Chargers 12/1

    Definitely roll with the Raiders. Chiefs could make a surprise, as Denver and Chargers are starting over at QB.

    AFC North
    Cleveland Browns 7/4
    Baltimore Ravens 7/4
    Cincinnati Bengals 8/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 8/1

    This one is messy as well. If you feel you need to bet on this division, we think the loss of Jarvis and Odell tilts it slightly towards Cleveland.

    AFC South
    Houston Texans 2/3
    Jacksonville Jaguars 15/4
    Indianapolis Colts 8/1
    Tennessee Titans 8/1

    Texans should remain champs here. Jaguars have a solid squad and the best RB in the league, but the loss of Ramsey will keep them at 2. Colts and Titans make strides, but fall short.

    NFC East
    Washington Redskins 6/5
    Dallas Cowboys 3/2
    Philadelphia Eagles 15/2
    New York Giants 15/2

    Skins should win this again. The Cowboys are aging, and the other two... well, Skins take this one.

    NFC West
    San Francisco 49ers 4/5
    Los Angeles Rams 3/1
    Arizona Cardinals 4/1
    Seattle Seahawks 15/2

    49ers take the West again. Rams and Cardinals give them a scare, and Seahawks have a rebuilding year.

    NFC North
    Detroit Lions 1/2
    Minnesota Vikings 8/1
    Chicago Bears 8/1
    Green Bay Packers 12/1

    Lions take this one. There is a ton of mystery around the new look Vikings right now, so you have a nice chance to get some money back, but you are betting against Blair and CO.

    NFC South
    New Orleans Saints 7/4
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2/1
    Carolina Panthers 8/1
    Atlanta Falcons 8/1

    I expect Saints to repeat. New management has them humming, but Buccaneers will give them a fight. Panthers and Falcons make strides.

    NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year
    Redskins RB- Tyus Tate 6/1
    49ers WR- Desean Potter 8/1
    Lions TE- Mark Woodhead 10/1
    Falcons QB- Derron Driver 10/1
    Cardinals WR- Lakarius Warford 25/1
    Panthers RB- Antoine Ramsour 25/1

    Take Tyus Tate here. Hedge your bet with 49ers rookie as injuries can always derail a rookie's season.

    AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year
    Chargers QB- Buck Conrad 4/1
    Colts RB- Uche Sanders 6/1
    Denver QB- Duncan Reiff 6/1
    Raiders WR- Tyronne Jones 8/1
    Bills WR- Ray Smith 12/1
    Browns WR- Tray Reed 12/1
    Steelers WR- Javonte Johnson 15/1

    Buck Conrad has the clear cut path to victory here. Colts rookie back Sanders will get plenty of touches to make a case, if you are thinking dark horse... go Javonte Johnson in the Burgh.

    Lions QB- Blair Overhauser 4/1
    Jets RB- Shawn Cole 4/1
    Redskins QB- Blair Triplett 6/1
    Raiders QB- Patrick West 8/1
    Texans QB- Hudson Fowler 8/1
    Ravens QB- Andrew Luck 12/1
    Jaguars RB- Leonard Fournette 12/1

    Shawn Cole has to be the favorite at first thought. Then you remember they lose QB Lorig and stud Wideout Corey Davis. We like Blair AND Hudson here.

    Where do you guys think the easy money is?
    #1 Smooth Grizzly, May 16, 2018
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  2. Coach Boone

    Coach Boone Legend

    May 12, 2016
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    This is such a dope fuckin idea
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  3. Smooth Grizzly

    Legend Donor

    Oct 5, 2017
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    Thanks man i realized i needed to add something besides just numbers on to it!
  4. NLars3

    NLars3 Moderator
    Legend Donor Content Director Co-Commissioner Hall of Fame

    Jan 5, 2017
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    What an awesome idea. Jon Eagle shooting up the M19 team selection draft order!
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