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Phinsider - 2023 Team Preview

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Jmo31, May 17, 2018.

  1. Jmo31

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    2023 is already underway with some teams already seeing their games underway! Here we will review the upcoming season with roster additions by the Dolphins and what to look forward to, YES FORWARD TO, this is a playoff team this year.

    Same business as last year but not a bad thing, Rashad showed significant improvement year over year since his move to a different city in Florida.Despite missing 3 games he tossed 300 yards and 28 TDs. With significant more speed at WR you can expact that YPA to skyrocket this year. Also signed Big Ben to back him up, hopefully we dont need to find out if he has anything left in the tank....

    Frank Momah - the oft injured but explosive back got franchised and will continue on as lead back. Regularly missing 4 games a year he still drops an impressive stat line. 1180 with a 6.2 YPC and 15 TDs on the ground not to mention his receiving work he is a difficult piece to stop. To back him up the Dolphins signed Melvin Gordon, another aged vet who hopefully wont see the field and drafted big man 239 lb Jakhari Galloway to push for the tough yards. They are still fielding the best blocking FB in the game Eric Ray to pave the way.

    1st round pick speedster Jawuan Paige is the big addition here. He will take over as the lead X or split end position manned by Chris Godwin last year. Speaking of Godwin he was a pro bowler last year and brings his 1200 yards and 15 TDs to the Z role in this offense. Slot also got an upgrade as the Dolphins traded for Pierce Lamb from the Lions. This dude was so fast he averaged 44.7 YPC last year for the Lions... YOWZA

    Complete overhaul. This is now lead by 3 rookies as all the veteran free agents were let go signed in the offseason. Main TE will be UDFA Reed Mohr. His main task will be to try and replace Travis Kelce who was let go and signed with the Panthers this offseason.

    Not much changes here. All the same big boys up front. The team did let their LT go, but that fellas was also hurt most of the past 2 years. They bring in 1st year 7th rounder Darrius Kennedy to protect the blind side.

    The defense did overhaul to a 3-4 with some significant changed to how they line up. They signed Patriots DE Trey Flowers to help stop the run. Still starting Leonard Williams as nose and Emmanuel Ogbah at RE.

    Moving to a 3-4 is putting more focus on the LB core to win games. This won't be an issue here! Travis Hogan moved from DE to his natural college position of OLB. He will be the "attacker" LB with the hopes of turning his contract year into some fat stacks. Superstar OLB Trenton Morgan has moved to MLB in the new front. He will be able to utilize his speed awareness and excellent zone coverage to shut down the middle of the field. Morgan will be joined by 3rd round pick Tremaine (SM)Ashley. Average physicals with a soul stealing left shoulder he will be vital in stopping the run.

    This is the same core - Led by Stars Hix and Duncan this is a team that has finished top 10 in pass defense for Wheatleys tenure. Not much to speak on here, you can catch the highlight reels.

    Keys to success:
    The offense is obviously playing more to a big time offense this year. The defense will be key to get them in to it during the adjustment The Dolphins will need to stop the Jets rushing attack as they return MVP Cole. Cole did not destroy them, but he did top 100 yards in both meetings. They will need to minimize big play runs and keep teams passing the ball. Also shutting down Watson on the Bills. This has been a rivalry led by the Dolphins ever so slightly. The Dolphins have had LC7s number throughout due to huge overthrows on key plays. Watson will bring the element of stability to the Bills the Dolphins will need to eliminate.
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