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By Hammer27mba on Apr 25, 2018 at 3:00 PM
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    Jan 26, 2018
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    The Packers sit at a disappointing 2-6 heading into their much needed bye week. Don Majkowski is clearly on the hot seat as the offense has struggled mightily all season. One time feared Rb Fredrick Hardy has just one 100 yard rushing game on the season & just 1 Td that came in week 1, and he is averaging just 3.4 ypc which is down from last year.

    Carson Palmer hasn't been much better as his 8 Td's & 9 Int's indicate. Many in the organization feel Wentz's up and down season could lead to his last as a starter in Green Bay. The Wr core has been good but not great at the midway point as the Packers transition from aging veterans such as Doug Baldwin and Randall Cobb.

    Javarie Goodwin & Keiwone Berry have taken over the reins and lead the Packers in receptions with 29 & 31 respectively. Rob Gronkowski is in the twilight of his career and checks in with 20 catches & a TD. The offense as a whole checks in at 26th in total yards(235.3) and a meager 29th in ppg(16) On the other side of the ball the defense has been very good at times and not so good at others.

    The front 7 have managed only 19 sacks and haven't been able to put consistent pressure on the QB which has led the secondary into tough spots. Chadrick Hale & Charelton Nixon lead the Packers with 5 sack each.

    The secondary which has been much improved from recent years is allowing 187.9 ypg(13th) but has really struggled to take the ball away this season with only 4 Int's all season with 1 coming from the rookie LB and the other 2 from the safety position. The Packers once again will miss the post season,but this team does not lay down and will fight tooth and nail week in and week out.
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Discussion in 'Team News' started by Hammer27mba, Apr 25, 2018.

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