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By Nick Zapatka on Apr 27, 2018 at 7:07 PM
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    May 4, 2016
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    We're halfway through the season and honestly the Chiefs haven't lived up to the expectations of most of their fans. There was a lot of hype prior to this year with the hire of Hall of Fame coach Rodney Justice, but maybe most people in Kansas City just set the bar to high.

    I mean what did they expect Justice to just come back after a long period of not coaching and go undefeated. Being 4-4 is not bad in a league with as much competition as the XCFL. In addition the season is only at the halfway point and the Chiefs have plenty of time to get back on track but it needs to start soon. It's doubtful they are going to win the division, but there will still be two wildcards spots up for grabs.

    How are they going to get there? Well I believe there are three key factors. First is they need to get and stay healthy. Now I'm not saying games were lost strictly because there were players missing but key pieces like first overall pick MLB Cris Gatewood, Tyreek Hill, and Aldon Smith definitely didn't help things out. The second factor is going to be QB play.

    Now this is an interesting topic because of KC's current QB situation. Patrick Mahomes went down a few weeks ago with an injury. Backup Brent Hundley then came in and played absolutely horrid. The Chiefs then go ahead and sign former Jacksonville Jaguars QB Curtis Richie and boy did he ball.

    Almost bringing his team back from 14-0 early against the Jaguars after Hundley threw 2 picks. He also played well and won against the Colts last week, but with Mahomes set to return who will Coach Justice decide to start tonight against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are a powerhouse team and Vegas odds are saying the Raiders are a 2-1 favorite.

    With that being said many speculate that Justice will start the hot hand Richie tonight with there really being no downside. "He's been making better decisions and reading the defensive scheme more effectively then Pat...interceptions are a key factor in our losses this season." said Justice when asked about Richie. The Oakland defense is nasty so don't start Richie in your fantasy lineup or anything. The last factor is the running game.

    It's simple though, they just need to run it more often even if trailing. This will keep the Chiefs defense off the field for longer and also limit the opportunity for interceptions. Expect Hunt to see more carries. The rest of the schedule actually isn't to bad for KC once they get passed the next 2 games against the Raiders and Rams.

    After that they play some teams with not the best records so they will be favored. If Kansas City can pick up a W in one of the next two games it'll be considered success. It'll be interesting to see if everything can come together and see if they can make a serious push for the Super Bowl.
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Discussion in 'Team News' started by Nick Zapatka, Apr 27, 2018.

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