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Mile High Insider - Reiff is Right

Discussion in 'Team News' started by iWreckRookies, May 16, 2018.

  1. iWreckRookies

    iWreckRookies Rookie

    Mar 10, 2018
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    Going into the 2023 XCFL Draft, there were a number of question marks still lingering after the Broncos free agency and trading frenzy that came after the start of the new league year. One major item that was on the forefront of many Denver fans' minds was what direction the team was going to take regarding the quarterback position.

    Elway and the gang had an answer for that question early in the night.

    Broncos GM John Elway calls #6 overall pick Dunan Reiff to deliver the good news
    With the sixth overall selection, Denver took a gamble on quarterback Duncan Reiff out of Georgia. While SEC quarterbacks and professional football have had very much a love/hate relationship, sources in the Broncos organization tell Mile High Insider that Reiff caught the eye of GM John Elway and Coach Blake Seidler at the Senior Bowl just a few months ago where he outplayed first overall pick Buck Conrad.

    Reiff, who led two scoring drives to Conrad's zero, displayed raw size and arm strength on his way to the Senior Bowl victory. Reiff, who stands at an enamoring 6'6, 227 lbs, should be able to take the physical nature of the AFC West's defenses. While question marks remain regarding his accuracy and ability to escape the pocket, one thing is certain: He is eager to make an impact.

    MIH caught up with Reiff one-on-one to discuss the upcoming camp and presason:

    MIH: Duncan, you were selected 6th overall, five spots behind fellow QB Buck Conrad. Do you have anything that you'd like to say on the teams that passed on you?

    Reiff: I'm not in the business of telling organizations who they should and shouldn't have taken, but I will say this: They messed up. Not to take anything away from Buck, because he's a great player, but I fully intend on making them regret not taking me.

    MIH: A lot of people have compared you to Ben Roethlisberger because of your size and arm. How would you respond to that?

    Reiff: That is a huge honor to be spoken in the same breathe as a guy who's won three championships. I would respond by saying that I can only hope to be as impactful to this organization as Ben was to Pittsburgh, but I have the confidence that I will be.

    MIH: You had a great career at Georgia, what do you see as being the biggest takeaway from playing there against SEC talent?

    Reiff: Lets face it, the SEC is loaded with guys that are XCFL caliber players. It was an honor to be able to beat so many of them in my college career. Playing against and studying those sort of guys will help me prepare for what is to come in the XCFL.

    MIH: Veteran quarterback Joshua Dobbs is on the roster. Do you envision there being a quarterback controversy this summer? What things can you take away from his experience?

    Reiff: Look, Josh has done great things for this organization and has been around the league a long time. I look forward to being around him and absorbing as much information both regarding the game, and regarding being a professional. That said, I came here to play and make an impact. If the organization feels it's my time, it's my time and I'm taking it.

    MIH: We see that you've switched jersey numbers from #12 to #6 since rookie mini camp. Why the change?

    Reiff: Well, it's two-fold. One, because it's where I was taken in the draft. Two, because it's how many wins I expect to have against my divisional opponents every season.

    There you have it folks. Your new Sheriff in town. And he's ready to get started!
  2. NLars3

    NLars3 Moderator
    Legend Donor Content Director Co-Commissioner Hall of Fame

    Jan 5, 2017
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    One of the best write ups I’ve read in my 10ish seasons here. Great work man!
  3. JUSTwinBABY

    JUSTwinBABY Scheduling Director
    Scheduling Director Legend

    Nov 15, 2016
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    Good luck Reiff. Your going to need it when u play Oakland. Great article

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