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Mile High Insider - Broncos Overhaul O-Line in Free Agency

Discussion in 'Team News' started by iWreckRookies, May 14, 2018.

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    Mar 10, 2018
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    Every football fan, coach, player, and front office person would agree that a football team can and will only be as good as their offensive line. Last season in Denver was no exception.

    The Broncos, anchored by an aging, injured, and unexpectedly bad offensive line, ranked 25th in scoring last season, averaging less than 85 yards rushing per game. Key injuries to Laken Tomlinson and Garrett Bolles, along with the rapid decline of Matt Pradis left gaping holes and created a nightmare for an offense that was poised to have a big season.
    Gaping holes so big that the Broncos ranked among the worst when it came to sacks, pressures, and rushing yards, leading them to a dreadful 4-12 season.

    This lack of production from up front had a trickle down effect, which allowed teams to pressure quarterback Joshua Dobbs and expose his weaknesses to teams around the XCFL.
    The Broncos front office also took note of those weaknesses, given that the organization is rumored to be taking his replacement in the 2nd or 3rd round of the upcoming XCFL Draft.

    Unfortunately there are only 7 (or in this year's case 8) picks for every team in a given draft, so the offensive line needed some much needed attention once free agency opened. Luckily Elway and Co. were calculated and aggressive in their gameplan, as they landed both guard/tackle Joel Bitonio and center Joey Layow on opening day of free agency.

    "Joel and Joey are going to be great additions to our group up front," Coach Blake Seidler was quoted saying as he was walking into a draft meeting on Monday. "We need to do a better job protecting the quarterback, and these two guys bring much needed experience to that group."

    In what some fan's are already heralding as "J&J Security", Bitonio and Layow's arrival has been a welcomed one among Broncos faithful. This could be the foundation that Elway and Seidler can build upon to get the organization back on the winning path.

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