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By F3RR3IRA SR on Apr 25, 2018 at 3:36 PM
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    Mickey Thompson’s XCFL Draft
    1st Round Prospect Report


    XCFL Top Draft Prospect Report

    Prepared by Mickey Thompson


    Buck Conrad, Ole Miss
    Duncan Reiff, Georgia
    Derron Drive, Tennessee
    Zac McCants, Louisville

    The Quarterback position this year looks deep, but boy is it NOT. The ONLY stand out I see here is Buck Conrad, Ole Miss. He has the total QB package you look for in a guy who will be a future leader of your team. Then Conrad is your guy! The other 2 notables are Duncan Reiff, Georgia & Derron Driver, Tenn. These 2 are listed as 1st round talents. Don’t be fooled. They are solid QB’s, but only worth a nod in the 2nd round.


    Cory Wood, Florida
    Marcus Jones, Miami (FL)
    Frank Bernard, Clemson

    Outside Linebacker position doesn’t have very much depth at this position in 2023 XCFL Draft. So with that said if you need a OLB you better have a top draft pick to get one this year. My standout at OLB this year has to be Marcus Jones, Miami. I can’t lie, but as of right now...He is my #1 overall pick! At #2 I would go Cory Wood, Florida he has the 2nd best talent in this position. Which leaves Frank Bernard, Clemson. He can play ball don't get me wrong. This is just the typical ladder, so to speak. When you get to the next level you find that you aren’t as good as you thought. Bernard is in a class with 2 guys who are just better than him. That’s really it.

    SAFETIES: No 1st Round Safeties in this Draft Class

    LT Sean Roye, Pittsburgh
    LG Conor Husted , Florida
    RT D.T. Skuta, Alabama
    LT Wade O'Dwyer, LSU
    RT Chance Mattison, Stanford
    RT Jack Welch, Oregon
    LG Frank Jensen, UCLA
    C Marc Tavecchio, Alabama

    Lots of talented prospects here. 4 guys I see here that are worth it. Two for sure & One I need to see a bit more, including his combine. The two guys off the bat are LG Frank Jensen, UCLA is my top choice. Then LT Sean Roye, Pittsburgh is my #2. Both of these guys pass the OL grades & traits in my scouting book. My one guy who I need to see a bit more on is LG Conor Husted, Florida #1 Guy right now pre-combine is C Marc Tavecchio, Alabama by far the top OL in this draft class! This kids nickname is “Pancake” he isn’t the biggest kid in the draft, but he plays like one!

    Bryan McCalebb, USC
    Terrell Jameson, Texas A&M

    Middle Linebacker is another important position to draft. As we seen in years past. Even just last year the top 2 picks were MLB’s. This year not the same, but close. I mean take your pick here. My choice of the two would be Bryan McCalebb, USC he is listed as a late 1st rd guy. I don’t know if its because of the other talent in the draft or what, but he will go before the late 1st round IMO. Terrell Jameson, Texas A&M he lacks in height for my taste & a bit slower to the ball, then McCalebb.

    Uche Sanders, Florida State
    Danny Dyer, UCLA
    Denard Wingo, Notre Dame

    Without seeing the combine numbers just based on film & my own two eyes Uche Sanders, Florida St. is the real deal. I also believe his combine & pro day will show that! Runner up goes to Denard Wingo, Notre Dame this guy is the guy my eyes are on. Why? Huh well if this kid produces any kind of speed and good numbers at the combine… he could be picked ahead of Uche!

    Antwan Martin, Ole Miss
    Anton Hardrick, Ohio State
    Zenel Tate, Texas

    Another highly sought after position in the XCFL. Cornerback, and here we have 1 guy who rolls right off the tongue… Antwan Martin, Ole Miss. Now you know why the Ole Miss QB Buck Conrad is so good! He had to deal with this guy on defense in practice day after day. He is a BLUE chip prospect without even looking at his numbers. I doubt his combine numbers show no different either. This kid has raw talent. His father was an Olympic athlete. Enough said! OH but wait there's more he is 6’2”. Lets not forget about Anton Hardrick, Ohio State for me he lacks the height, but definitely NOT the grades or talent! If Antwan is gone go get Anton.

    Ontarius Best, Wisconsin
    Stacey Foster, Miami (FL)
    JaWuan Paige, Tennessee
    Ashley Austin, Stanford
    Javonte Johnson, USC

    My top 3 right away without combine numbers are #1 Ashley Austin, Stanford #2 JaWuan Paige #3 Stacey Foster, Miami(FL). If you asked me one week ago I’d of said my #2 was Javonte Johnson, USC Johnson & Paige both have the best off the line release out of any WR in the draft. It’s Paige’s hands and catching the ball cleaner out of the route then Johnson that has put him at #2

    Brock Villarrial, Notre Dame
    Gilbert Witsell, Michigan State

    It’s not too often you have one 1st round TE, but two 1st round TE’s. Now for sure Gilbert Witsell, Michigan St. will be a top 5 pick. Or at least he should be, but it depends on the needs of teams. Because remember your TE is a 6th & 7th blocker! IMO Brock Villarrial, Notre Dame is talented and might be selected day 1 on draft day, but I see him as a high 2nd round guy. That’s only because of the talent in this years draft!

    Ricardo Locke, Texas

    If you find a stud DT in the 1st round, you take him. Ricardo Locke, Texas could be one of the top rated players in the entire draft. There’s NO question he’ll be the top DL in the XCFL draft this year. Definitely a top 10 guy. The one thing is he moved here from another country & they call football Rugby. Mark my words once his combine day comes. You won’t be sorry Let’s not forget the other BIG guy Kendrick Octavien, Wisconsin. He is a bit taller & bigger, not to mention 2 years younger. Solid all around talent for the 1st round.

    Tremaine Taylor, Tennessee

    What can you say… Tremaine Taylor, Tennessee is the DE in the 1st round, as far as projected talent. VERY BIG kid at 6’6” 304 lbs He will be a late round pick. His stock could rise come combine time.


Discussion in 'League News' started by F3RR3IRA SR, Apr 25, 2018.

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