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By Jmo31 on Mar 13, 2018 at 9:52 AM
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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Good morning from the Phinsider!

    Today we are going to look at our Miami Dolphins and how they are shaping up, as well as the rest of the AFC East after week 6 has concluded for all of the teams in this tight race.

    First Miami is standing at 2-3 with wins over the Bills (31-10) and Jets (24-7) and losses to the Falcons (43-14) Titans (38-0) and Bills (35-38). Its been a tale of two teams for sure and that is something they will need to work on to go forward.

    Miami did make two changes going into last nights game with the Jets, benching LG Tarvarious Sharpe (Rookie Rnd 7) for 2nd year pro Daniel Tant. Emmanuel Ogbah was also benched in favor Charles Harris - which seems like a surprise given Ogbahs penchant for getting into the backfield and the lack of Miami run defense, but changes need to be made. These look to be permanent changes going forward.

    Statistically here are some team highlights:

    Jameis Winston:
    He is part of the up/down season. Last night going 9-12 passing with 0 interceptions fits the ball control mold coach Wheatley was hoping for this year. He also had a 57 yard stumble down the field as he put some respeck on his name... which was deflated with a strip from behind at the end recovered by the defense.

    Running Game:
    Sadly Winston has now passed tailback 2 Jimmy Blake for total yards. The team still has high hopes this power back can fall forward at ant point this year (please for Miami we beg you). From conversation with the OC it is clear the team is not giving up on him anytime soon.

    The team brought in two big ticket free agents, so far one has lived up to the bill as Keenan Allen has been huge this year and is the clear number one option for the team. Also dynamic back Frank Momah has been a big checkdown target for Winston, as well as a vertical threat to push the limits of the defense.


    This team lives and dies by the play of their star safety duo. FS Long Duncan and SS Hayden Hix. Not much good to report on a team currently in the bottom 3rd of most defensive ratings. Coach is hoping for a turnaround after adjusting to a less aggressive approach.

    AFC East - Whaaat?
    The AFC E has been beating on each other this year trading wins amongst each other. These teams will need to make a big push if more than one team wishes to make the playoffs. As it stands the Jets are holding the lead with a 3-3 record. This one will come down to the line as the Jets beat the Pats, Pats beat the Bills. Bills split with Dolphins and Dolphins beat the Jets. The Jets are the only team with a winning record outside of the division going 2-1... the division in general is a lackluster 3-7. We are expecting a big change there and you should too! Lots of football left to play and we are here to keep you in the know on anything and everything MIAMI! Expect some more deets on some of the other AFC E teams in the coming editions as the teams show us who we should think they are.



Discussion in 'Team News' started by Jmo31, Mar 13, 2018.

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