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Getting their Stripes

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Stefmoney08, May 16, 2018.

  1. Stefmoney08

    Stefmoney08 Donor
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    Oct 6, 2017
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    What a time to be excited for the upcoming season for out Bengals. During the offseason when coach advised us to stay close to twitter he was not lying. The team has added some star studded players to the roster and this looks like a great team on paper. Here's a recap of the off-season moves.

    In the start of the off-season the team held the 3rd overall and the 10th overall picks. Knowing that just picking two players in this upcoming draft the front office got to work. There were initial talks to send stud OLB/DE Devin Quccia and the 10th overall to the Chargers for stud QB Deshaun Watson and ship Kale to GB but talks fell through on the Watson deal so the team decided to keep and move forward with Kale.

    The first shoe to fall as trading away Devin Quccia who the coach was not too happy with because he didn't show grit and hustle on every play. We almost had a midseason trade with the NY Jets but league office would not allow it. So this time around we sent Devin Quccia and Malik McDowell who has been injured plagued since he arrived in Cinny to the Jets for Corey Davis Mike White and a 2nd rounder for the 2023 draft.

    With Corey Davis now in the fold the team now holds an elite WR talent that will help Kale and this team win right away. The front office was happy with the trade but wanted to add more talent. The phone rang and it was upstart GM from the Atlanta Falcons. He wanted the number 3 overall pick and we advised him that hey it's going to take a lot to get this pick off our hands but we will listen. So in rookie fashion he offered the moon offering the team 16th overall pick Demarco Office Shannon Robertson for the 3rd overall pick and two future 3rd rounders. The front office agreed to the deal but it looked the man named league office denied the trade because of paper work issues.

    In the mean time we were approached by the Jags about moving into the 1st round and he was eyeing the number 10 pick but because of new league rules we could not complete a trade due to him currently making the playoffs. So we decided to make an offer to the Bucs with swapping picks 10 and 11 and gaining a 6th rounder.

    Things with the jags happened quickly they told me what they were interested in and I made my intentions known we wanted the best corner in the league Jalen Ramsey. So in a blockbuster deal we sent the 11th overall pick to the Jags as well as CB Devin Barker a 2023 7th rounder and a 2024 2nd rounder for Jalen and a 2024 4th rounder. With this deal locked in we have secured one of the best corners in XCFL History.

    The next deal was with the Arizona Cardinals and similar to the Falcons deal I felt as though this was a mega deal that I could not pass up. So we sent the 3rd overall pick to the Cardinals who traded us WR Jerry Gradkowski the 28th overall pick and a future first. We sent the paper work to the league office also known as the man and shockingly enough they approved it.

    Now with the draft approaching and free agency in our sites we spent a few dollars on some talented players to add to our team. We added stud DT Kasen Everett vet DE Olivier Vernon LB Mylan Burroughs S Adrian Amos. We've also added some other players that will assist with our team this upcoming season.

    Before the draft we've added a talented but under used RB Le'Veon Bell. We believe that in a new surrounding Bell will be motivated and run hard on very down. In the twilight on his career we believe Bell will have a bounce back year. With only carrying the ball 50 times last year Bell is fresh and ready to roll.

    We also needed to acquire some offensive line help to give Kale sometime to get the ball to the receivers we did a complete over haul by moving Mike Nix inside to LG. Using the first rounder from the Cardinals to acquire LT Pearson Chambers and using a future 1st to acquire center Devin Hutton. With the team ready and set to go this year the sky is the limit for this young team.

    Quick Recap


    Kevon Seymour 78 CB Released
    Scott Coker 67 TE Released
    Stephen Bacon 71 DT Released
    Malik McDowell 95 DT Released
    Tramon Harvey 70 FS Released
    Devin Quaccia 91 LE Released
    Tyron Smith 92 LT Released
    Devin Barker 84 CB Released
    Morgan Copeland 75 ROLB Released
    Sterling Shepard 89 WR Released
    Will Fuller V 79 WR Released
    Colton Stepnoski 74 LOLB Released
    Martin Andrews 73 WR Released
    Trevence Mason 74 LT Released
    Charles Austin 74 SS Released
    Frederick Sykes 75 HB Released
    Darnell Parks 76 RG Released
    A.J. Leonhard 75 HB Released
    Colton Stepnoski 74 LOLB Released
    Martin Andrews 73 WR Released
    Trevence Mason 74 LT Released
    Charles Austin 74 SS Released
    Frederick Sykes 75 HB Released
    Darnell Parks 76 RG Released
    A.J. Leonhard 75 HB Released
    Eric Saubert 77 TE Released
    Matt Bryant 76 K Released
    Glen Graziani 72 MLB Released
    Solomon Pittman 74 TE Released
    Justice Graham 68 WR Released
    William Jackson III 78 CB Released
    Tyler Eifert 88 TE Released
    Jamaal Williams 79 HB Released
    Brad Kaaya 72 QB Released
    Julio Jones 91 WR Released
    Kavon Frazier 83 SS Released
    A.J. Green 87 WR Released
    Morgan Moses 77 LG Released


    Kasen Everett 86 DT Signed
    Mylan Burroughs 85 LOLB Signed
    Adrian Amos 82 SS Signed
    Jeffery Gradkowski 89 WR Signed
    Phillip Willis 62 WR Signed
    A.J. Proctor 67 MLB Signed
    Jordan Hopkins 66 HB Signed
    Devin Hutton 89 C Signed
    Keith Marshall 76 HB Signed
    Tomas Shead 77 TE Signed
    Sherman Swanson 77 CB Signed
    Olivier Vernon 87 RE Signed
    Griffin Bates 68 QB Signed
    Ellis Fulcher 76 WR Signed
    Jake Elliott 77 K Signed
    Donald Payne 78 LOLB Signed
    Le'Veon Bell 97 HB Signed
    Mike White 71 ROLB Signed
    Corey Davis 99 WR Signed
    Pearson Chambers 90 LT Signed
    Jalen Ramsey 99 CB Signed
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  2. NLars3

    NLars3 Moderator
    Legend Donor Content Director Co-Commissioner Hall of Fame

    Jan 5, 2017
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    Hahah complete roster overhaul. Good stuff Stef!
  3. Mike D' Duff

    Mike D' Duff Starter

    Dec 23, 2017
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    "... and shockingly enough they approved it.

    Lol :D we tought the same

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