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By Smooth Grizzly on Apr 21, 2018 at 9:04 AM
  1. Smooth Grizzly

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    Oct 5, 2017
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    eagles moron.jpg

    If you are an Eagles fan and you are actively shopping for a new team or currently burning your Erickson or Wells jersey, just hold on. Actually, you probably could burn the Wells jersey, why did you even buy that? Idiot. I know 1-5 is gloomy, however...

    Here are a few reasons you should have some hope for the rest of this season and continuing into the future:

    1. Javier Conrad RB
    He is having a very successful rookie campaign so far. It is no secret we have needed a nice RB for years now and we may have found one. Conrad is the lightning and Perrine is the thunder. Javier has 96 carries for 572 which gives him 6 per. He also has 3 TDs. His negative so far has been 2 fumbles.

    2. Michaelee Gray LB
    He is only 21 and already making an impact on the field. It only took until his 3rd career start until he recorded his first INT. The Eagles are desperate for some playmaking at LB and this kid could be the final piece to the puzzle if all young LBs produce like they are projected too.

    3. Khiry Ottis CB
    Due to the influx of V-Hop, Khiry was no longer a safety, but had so much talent he needed to see the field. He is only 22 and he allowed the Eagles to move Kevin King and Sidney Jones after a so far successful transition to Corner. In his first start as a corner, he recorded a FF and a 48 yard fumble return. He also recorded a FF that he scooped and returned for a TD on special teams.

    4. The Offensive Line
    The big uglies are a big reason behind Javier's success. They are also all locked up to long term deals. Watson, Rudolph, and Volk were all resigned early this year. The oldest starters are 26. This unit should be able to develop together and continue to have success going forward. There is also some depth and youth behind the starting 5 as well.

    5. Daryl Waters, Hudson Hybl, Byrant Erickson Linebackers
    Rewind the clock a few years and the Eagles have Bradham, Hicks, B. Marshall, and Reddick creating one of the fiercest LB cores in the league. If these young guns continue to work on their craft and put the effort in at the gym and the film room, the Eagles could get back to LB dominance. Everyone knows what Erickson can be, and should be. The question is what will Hybl and Waters do in Philly long term?

    6. Francis Wiggins DE
    People forget this man is 25. He has finished top 5 in sacks already and he has 5 sacks on this young season.

    Lastly, we have to include the trio of Jorge McNair, Brandon Nesbitt, and Bryant Henry at Corner AND Russel Ransom at WR.
    These guys have a ton to prove. They honestly might not pan out. The potential is there. The corners had a good start against Dallas, which was the first time they all saw the field and Kevin King and Sidney Jones were already moved. McNair is 24 and playing in his second season. Nesbitt and Henry are both 22, Nesbitt being a rook and Henry playing in his second season. We love the potential these guys have to grow on defense and maybe become All-Pro type players. The Eagles shouldn't have to ask too much from them with the up and coming LB core underneath and 2 dynamic Safeties over the top. Obviously, at corner there is nowhere to hide on many plays though, so we will have to see how it goes.

    Ransom has the tools to be a dynamic slot WR or #2 guy in the XCFL. He is only 21 as well. We are not sure if the Truluck acquisition is going to help or stunt his development at this point. He shows flashes by making some incredible catches and has all world speed, but he is also tops in the league in drops with 10.

    Honorable mentions: TE Antuan Smith, WR Anton Truluck, FS Vaetuitonga Hopkins, and SS Bernard Garner

    We hope this can bring you just a glimmer of hope Bird fans. We also acknowledge this is to be taken with a grain of salt coming off a Saturday London game where the Offense looked downright pitiful. Here's to the future anyways! As always, Fly Eagles Fly!


Discussion in 'Team News' started by Smooth Grizzly, Apr 21, 2018.

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