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Depthchart 2021

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Mike D' Duff, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Mike D' Duff

    Mike D' Duff Starter

    Dec 23, 2017
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    In week 6 the Cards sitting on a 2-4 record. The management has communicated that no further trades will come about, so let's take a closer look at the team.

    The Cardinals surprised the fans earlier this year with the decision not to participate in the Draft and prefer to invest the Picks in crippled players. As a result, and also by the Free Agency some top players could be committed.

    Let's start with the departures. Especially three strong players stand out: QB Matt Ryan, WR John Brown and SS Tre Boston. They all leave their career behind as active players.

    boston-min.PNG brown - Kopie-min.PNG ryan-min.PNG

    In the Free Agency, the cards got QB Paxton Lynch on board, a good fortification and backup for Austin Joe.
    In addition, the weakening O-line was initially with T.J.Lang reinforced.

    Further backup reinforcements were available throughout the team.

    Madden NFL 18 (6)-min.png

    Madden NFL 18 (12)-min.png

    Madden NFL 18 (10)-min.png

    Madden NFL 18 (11)-min.png

    Madden NFL 18 (7)-min.png

    Madden NFL 18 (9)-min.png

    Madden NFL 18 (14)-min.png

    Before the draft and until week 4 there were some trades again. Above all, the departure of star running back D. Johnson to the Titans made many fans to bother, but since the CapSpace of Cards has come to an end and you could find a good successor with J.Aguirre this decision is understandable.

    Madden NFL 18 (4)-min.png

    LE Noah Spence joined the N.Y.Giants and WR Kenny Golladay go to the L.A.Rams

    Madden NFL 18 (2)-min.png Madden NFL 18 - Kopie-min.png

    The two strongest new Cards are clearly WR J.J.Philips of the Tennessee Titans and C Greg Robinson from the Lions!

    Madden NFL 18 (13)-min.png
    Madden NFL 18 (28).png

    In addition, CB Spencer Burton of the Washington Redskins and LE Carl Lawson from the Lions will significantly strengthened the defensive.

    The Cards have got a good and young team together that has some ambitions and we will see how they continue to beat.

    offense cards.JPG

    Defense: TeamCardsdefense.JPG

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  2. NLars3

    NLars3 Moderator
    Legend Donor Content Director Co-Commissioner Hall of Fame

    Jan 5, 2017
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    Great work brother! Awesome format.

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