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"Maybe not what you want to hear, but need to hear."
Skip Bayless is the XCFL 'Daily Sports Truth Expert' and the hottest sports interviewer in the XCFL. Skip Tweets the craziest things about everything XCFL related and gets down to the nitty gritty with coaches and players and the weekly Top 10 Power Rankings for the XCFL.

Twitter : @XCFLSkipBayless | Email : SkipBayless@xcflnetwork.com

*The XCFL Skip Bayless character is in no way related to the real personality. Our version is intended for entertainment purpose only. Our Skip is not the actual person nor is he intended to be a likeness of him.
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With the draft in the rear-view and the season underway, now is as good a time as any to check out how our top 10 teams stack up. Here is our quarterly week 4 Power Rankings....
As the new season gets closer its time to look at the best option for the next owner to pick. Of the remaining teams, who has the best roster?
The XCFL Draft is done, and teams have finished selecting their new players. The draft is a time for teams to fill their position needs, or to select the best players available. So, how did each draft affect each team?
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    The XCFL is a content based league where our members are required to write news articles, utilize Twitter, take part in podcast and much more. We are no longer just a show up and play your games league.

    The XCFL prides ourselves on being a Real Football Strategy League / Community. We don't play freestyle crap ball and we don't push SIM to that UN-SIM level. We play with the principles of "REAL FOOTBALL STRATEGY" in mind.
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