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With a coin toss loss against the Redskins, a stupid fumble against the Falcons the Bucs were closer than ever on returning to the playoffs...
Graphic by Nick Larson

Its playoff time XCFL get excited!! In this breakdown we will be going over the 4 games in the 1st round of this years playoffs which look pretty exciting. 4 teams will not play till the next round because they earned 1st rounds byes (Jags, ravens, Cowboys, and Falcons).
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.05.23 PM.png

What's going on XCFL fans, man did that season fly by! And what a season it has been so far for your Detroit Lions. We finished 14-2 and it looked like we were all set up for the #2 seed and a first round bye. Well, after the Falcons lost their Week 17 game to the Redskins, it left the Lions, Falcons, and Cowboys all at 14-2...

Good morning XCFL its your resident XCFL Raiders insider J.T. "the Brick". Well if your a Raider fan or you've been in the XCFL long enough you are aware that when we get this late into a season the the HC Doss and his staff get more tight lipped then ever....

When the Green Bay Packers Traded their 1st round pick last season to Washington for CB Marshawn Hodges some around the XCFL raised their eyebrows. The Packers jumped out the gate a disappointing 0-3, losing some heartbreaking games....

As the league grows and we bring new things for everyone to enjoy like Live Game Broadcast, highlights and Podcast, we want to remind everyone that the XCFL is a Content based league. Our members are required to utilize league created team twitter accounts, stay active on Discord and post team and league news....
It's crazy to think that a few seasons ago, a 6-8 record could have the Jets leading the AFC East. Unfortunately that isn't the case this season, as we are tied for second with the Bills, and the Dolphins have already clinched the division with a 10-4 record. The first half of the season was pretty good for the Jets...

For GM Daniel Whitehead he has been around for every single season of the XCFL and has never had as good of a season as he is having this season in the toughest division. Whitehead and head coach Manning sit at 12-2 with just 2 games left they look to lock up a first round bye and possibly home field throughout the entire playoffs...

Hey there XCFL fans and Raider Nation welcome to Behind the Shield with J.T. "the Brick" your XCFL Raiders insider. This B.T.S. segment is used to cover inside news and happenings in Oakland behind the scenes. With that being said here's our first order of business...
Spirits are high around Broncos HQ. The organization has improved to 8-5 on the year, is loving the new direction under new head coach Blake Seidler, and is dialing up the energy as their playoff hopes remain very much alive. That said, the postseason certainty level for Denver is exactly that: hopeful...
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